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Exoskeleton hand Robot

An Innovated Hand Exoskeleton Robot for motor rehabilitation, which is placed on the patient’s hand to assist their movement. This system is composed of five mechanical fingers with a full range of motion. The device provides Active, passive and resistance rehabilitation programs. Treatments such as the quadriplegic, hemiplegia, tendonitis, fractures and injuries can affect the movement of the fingers. The accuracy of movement (1 degree) and thus the speed of retrieval of the movement of the fingers and the flexibility of the nerves. The device is comfortable, can fit different hand size, features lightweight and easy used with its smart system.

Handelaton Mobile Application

The mobile application serve as the main device controller where the doctor can operate the robot hand device to perform the rehabilitation exercises. the application has been designed with users in mind from the very beginning also contains a variety of well selected & designed tools like a data base for the doctor to register his patients , a VAAR System to produce live data analytics about the patient’s condition & progress. also we aspire to add a full gamification experience to motivate the patients to complete their rehabilitation & make it an enjoyable experience in the same time.